GSD security services will be providing security over the weekend, they will be patrolling the site 24 hours a day. The security staff have radio contact with the committee and a direct link to the Police should they be required. Please ensure you are wearing your wristbands, this is an indication to them that you have a genuine reason for being on site, if not , they have the power to evict and you will be escorted off the site. Comply with the rules and regulations,don't cause nuisance to others through noise or rowdy behaviour and they will leave you alone. They are with us to do a job, keep us safe and ensure behaviour is at an acceptable standard.

Security contact number is located in HQ

Lost property

If you lose or find any property please come along to the Jamboree HQ, we will endeavour to help. A lost property box is held in the HQ building should you lose anything let us know, we may already have had it handed in.

Water points

Drinking water is available on site, the taps are located around the camping areas. The taps are sign posted.


Please ensure you use the rubbish bags provided to you on entry to the Jamboree. Skips and bins are placed around, please use them.


Fire extinguishers are located around the showground including extinguishers in the public marquee, outside the main toilet block and outside the Jamboree headquarters. ANYONE FOUND TAMPERING OR MISUSING THE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS WILL BE EXPELLED FROM SITE.

Medical assistance

Medical assistance will be available on site throughout the weekend.


Site toilets will be provided for everyone including disabled facilities. The company providing them will clean and maintain them every day. Should any problems occur please contact a member of the committee at Jamboree HQ.

The main toilet block will be shut twice a day for cleaning, please be patient during these periods. Feel free to tell us about any misuse you have witnessed too.

Fresh milk and bread

The local milkman drops in over the weekend, He has no set times so look out for him or listen for announcements over the site PA system.

Club Membership and Merchandise

Fancy joining CVWOC?, membership packs available over the weekend, along with plenty of club goodies!

Lighting towers

Please be aware that all lighting towers are switched off around midnight (to cut down on light and noise pollution in the neighbouring villages).

Child Safety

The CVWOC wants to help you as a parent or guardian to ensure your child is safe. Bring your child along to the Jamboree HQ and we will provide a wristband with a unique number on it. This number will be recorded along with your details (mobile phone number). Should your child wander off and a member of the security, committee or public find them they can be brought along to the Jamboree HQ and the parent / guardian contacted using the corresponding contact details recorded against the wristband number. The bands are worn for Child / Parent identification.


Asda is located on the outskirts of Penryn a 10 minute drive from the showground. The supermarket also has a garage .

Nearest Fuel

The IMP garage is located 2 minutes away (It is generally competitively priced, but not open 24 hours).


The majority of us carry some form of LPG, whether its used to boil the kettle, fuel the BBQ or keep us warm during the cool evenings. Here are a few pointers in the safe use of LPG

What Happens Inside the Cylinder

Gas cylinders are specifically manufactured to store Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG for short) in its liquid state. The liquid turns to gas very easily and the gas fills the space above the liquid. As gas is drawn off in use, more liquid turns to gas to replace it. An external regulator connected to the supply line between the cylinder and appliance keeps the pressure of the gas constant to the appliance as the cylinder empties until there is no liquid left to turn to gas.

The Regulator

Except for appliances fitted with a flow controller, a suitably rated regulator must be included in the connection between the cylinder and the appliance. The regulator is precisely set to control the pressure of the supply and Must Not Be Adjusted. Replace any regulator, which is not working properly, or after 10 years of life.

Flexible Hoses

Use only marked and certified hoses to BS3212 and which bear the year and name of the manufacturer and clips as LPG attacks and erodes natural rubber. Keep hose lengths as short as possible and less than 2 meters in length. All flexible hoses must be secured with proper hose clips. Make sure that the hoses are kept clear of ‘hot spots’ and inspect them from time to time. Replace any hose that shows signs of wear or damage.

LPG Do's and Don'ts

  1. Do treat a cylinder with care to ensure that the valve is not damaged. A damaged valve could result in a leak.
  2. Do use a cylinder upright. Horizontally, liquid gas could get into the supply pipes with serious results.
  3. Don't attempt to disconnect a regulator from a switch-on valve (15kg and 7kg cylinders) if the flame does not go out when the regulator switch is turned off. Leave the appliance alight and call your Gas Supplier.
  4. Don't subject a cylinder to heat, because the pressure inside the cylinder could build up to a point beyond the designedsafety limit.
  5. Don't store or use cylinders below ground level, because LPG is heavier than air. If there is a leak, the gas will collect at low level and become dangerous in the presence of flame or a spark.
  6. Don't store or use propane cylinders (red) indoors, because propane is contained under higher pressure and should only be kept outdoors.

Carbon monoxide the facts

  1. When gas does not burn properly, poisonous carbon monoxide fumes may be produced.
  2. You cannot see or smell carbon monoxide fumes. They are invisible, odourless, colourless and tasteless.
  3. Fumes from partially burnt gas kill more people than fires and explosions from unburnt gas.
  4. Faulty gas appliances, poor ventilation and incorrect flues may produce carbon monoxide.
  5. The danger signs on gas appliances are stains, deposits of soot and excessively yellow or orange flames.
  6. Carbon monoxide can cause drowsiness, dizziness, headaches, watering eyes, chest pains or palpitations, sickness,stomach pains or diarrhoea. Unfortunately, these are vague symptoms produced by many other causes such as influenza and food poisoning.
  7. You should seek medical advice if you persistently suffer from any of the symptoms listed above after being in an area where any gas burning appliance is in use, and of course have your gas installation checked by a competent installer.
  8. Remember, gas appliances which are designed, installed and used correctly, regularly serviced, and properly ventilated and flued are completely safe.
  9. Consider the installation of a suitably certified carbon monoxide detector. The information in this document is intended to give guidance and believed to be accurate and represent good practice at the time of publication. It is designed to enhance current legal requirements and best practice. It does not replace the need to consult other formal documents where further information may be required.

No responsibility or liability is accepted by CVWOC for any loss or damage arising out of the information given here.

A huge thank you goes out to all those who have made this and our previous jamborees possible, the club members, the army of helpers, the traders, the entertainers, the show judges, the Stithians showground committee, all the people involved in helping with the organisation and of course, you, the VW enthusiasts.

Thanks and have an enjoyable and safe Jamboree.

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