Sunday Show and Shine Day

Main Show ‘n’ Shine day

20 Categories and Norman Pascoe Award also award for  Best in Show

1st and 2nd place trophies All entries are to be registered at Show ‘n’ Shine HQ  no later than 10:30am

£5 entry cost per Vehicle

All vehicles to be in position on the Show ‘n’ Shine field by 10 am or will fail to be judged

    Awards Ceremony to take place at 16:30

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Show ‘n’ Shine Categories

Class 1 – Air-cooled 1938-1960

Class 2 – Air-cooled 1961-1980

Class 3 – Air-cooled 1981-2000

Class 4 – Water cooled 1974-1993

Class 5 – Water cooled 1994-1998

Class 6 – Water cooled 1999-2009

Class 7 – Water cooled 2010-2019

Class 8 -Small van/pickup 1985-2000

Class 9 – Small van/pickup 2001-2019

Class 10 – splitscreens

Class 11 – Bay windows

Class 12 – T25s

Class 13 – T4s

Class 14 – T5s

Class 15 – T6s

Class 16 – LTs/Krafters

Class 17 – Best interior

Class 18 – Best paint

Class 19 – Best wheels

Class 20 – Rat look

Show ‘n’ Shine Judging Rules

  • All entry forms for show and shine must be returned to Show ‘n’ Shine HQ no later than 11:00am on Sunday or will not be judged
  • Judging of all classes will begin at 1pm. No allowances with be given to entries not ready at this time
  • The judges are comparing vehicles against each other in their class
  • Vehicles will be judged for workmanship, detailing, tidiness, and cleanliness
  • It is advised not to leave unnecessary items inside or in the boot of your vehicles to achieve best presentation possible
  • There is no requirement to be at your vehicle when it is judged, but you must ensure that the vehicle is unlocked for judges to have access to engine bay, interior and the boot. No access to these areas of the vehicle will result in vehicle receiving a zero in that category

What Judges Expect


As some of these vehicles are daily driven, points will not be deducted for paint chips and fair wear and tear. Judges are more interested in the effort and presentation. For example, pay attention to polish residue, dirt on paintwork, especially around the seams, gutters, around door handles and inner door recesses.


Detailing should lean towards cleanliness and tidiness. Judges are looking for attention to detail with your interior, ie no rubbish, vacuumed, clear door pockets and no unnecessary items on the parcel shelf.

Wheels and Tyres

Vehicles are driven daily. they show signs of normal use, however attention to detail is a must, clean wheels, free from brake dust, an effort to remove grass from tyres and cleanliness is key.

Engine Bay

Cleanliness, attention to detail and effort in presentation will be looked for by the judges in engine bays

Show ‘n’ Shine Regulations

Strictly 5mph on site at all times

No movement of vehicles on site between 11:30 and 16:00

All vehicles must be taxed, mot’d and insured

No starting or revving engines in the show ‘n’ shine area

No loud music from vehicles

No fires or BBQ’s in the Show ‘n’ Shine area

Owners are reminded that your vehicle is your responsibility on the whole of the Jamboree site at all times