General Sites & Camping Conditions


Jamboree security is provided by GSD Security throughout the entire weekend, with 24 hour patrols.

Security Staff have direct access to the organisers and the local police force should it be required.

Please ensure your wristbands are worn at all times, those found without genuine reason to be on site will be escorted off site.

Any unruly, unnecessarily noisy or unruly behaviour will not be tolerated.

GSD Security are there to help us have a quite, fun, family friendly show and to ensure our safety at all times.

A contact number for our security officers is located at Jamboree HQ.

Lost Property

If you have lost or found any property please pop along to Jamboree HQ, we will endeavour to help.

Medical Assistance

Medical assistance will be available on site throughout the weekend, head to Jamboree HQ or to the medical tent directly opposite for any help needed.

Fire Safety

Fire extinguishers are located around the showground including extinguishers in the public marquee, outside the main toilet block and outside the Jamboree headquarters.


Toilet Facilities

Site toilets are provided for everyone, including disabled facilities.

The company providing them will clean and maintain them every day. Should any problems occur please contact a member of the committee at Jamboree HQ.

The main toilet block will be shut twice a day for cleaning, please be patient during these periods. Feel free to tell us about any misuse you have witnessed too.

Fresh Milk and Bread

We have a few traders selling much needed basics dotted around the site.

Club Membership and Jamboree Merchandise

Fancy joining CVWOC?, membership packs available over the weekend, along with plenty of club goodies!

Site Lighting

Please be aware that all lighting towers are switched off around midnight (to cut down on light and noise pollution in the neighbouring villages).

Child Safety

The CVWOC wants to help you as a parent or guardian to ensure your child is safe. Bring your child along to the Jamboree HQ and we will provide a wristband with a unique number on it.

This number will be recorded along with your details (mobile phone number). Should your child wander off and a member of the security, committee or public find them they can be brought along to the Jamboree HQ and the parent / guardian contacted using the corresponding contact details recorded against the wristband number.

The bands are worn for Child / Parent identification.


Asda is located on the outskirts of Penryn a 10 minute drive from the showground. The supermarket also has a garage .

Nearest Fuel Station

The IMP garage is located 2 minutes away (It is generally competitively priced, but not open 24 hours).

Traders Terms and Conditions


H&S Law requires that you take reasonable steps to be as safe as possible and to use a logical method of checking that you have done so.

All trade exhibitors at Cornwall VW Jamboree must have Public Liability Cover with a minimum of £5M effective for the entire duration of the show ***

*** As a condition of your booking you must send in a copy of your PL insurance certificate with your booking. We will be unable to issue you your confirmation, receipt and passes until these are received. 

You will also need to carry a copy of your PL insurance and risk assessment with you for inspection by relevant authorities.

  • Traders are responsible for their personal safety and the security of their personal belongings, goods, vehicles and trade stand – we strongly advise that all traders carry an appropriate fire extinguisher and fully stocked and in date first aid kit.
  • Traders are responsible for their personal safety and the security of their personal belongings, goods, vehicles and trade stand – we strongly advise that all traders carry an appropriate fire extinguisher. CVWOC can take no responsibility whatsoever for the security of your stock or personal possessions.
  • There is no electricity available in the trade area. All fuel brought in must be held in the proper container and all generators must have at least one appropriate fire extinguisher.
  • A serviced, in date, 6L foam extinguisher or 6kg powder extinguisher must be in place with any generator which must be operated in a safe, well ventilated location. Hot exhausts must be kept away from any potential combustibles.  All electrical equipment, leads and sockets must comply with electrical safety regulations, have a current PAT certificate and should be in good working order.  Extension leads must not be overloaded.  Electrical leads, sockets and devices must be kept away from public access and kept away from rain unless suitably protected.
  • All traders must complete and carry with them a current Risk Assessment specific to their Business.
  • No entry onto the site between the hours 11pm and 6am.
  • No Vehicle Movement is accepted whist the show is open to the public without prior authorization.
  • Compliance with the current Disabilities Discrimination Act is the responsibility of individual traders.
  • Subletting of trade space is strictly prohibited.
  • Please note that there is no restriction on the number of traders who may be selling similar products
  • The sale or use of fireworks, Chinese lanterns, firearms, quad bikes, motorised scooters, motorised skateboards, motor bikes (of any size) is strictly prohibited. Also strictly prohibited is the sale of Nitrous Oxide or similar chemicals/gases.
  • The selling of food and drink (other than by designated caterers) is strictly prohibited.
  • Trade plots must be left clear, clean and tidy by noon on Monday. Waste receptacles are provided, please use them.
  • All accidents/incidents must be reported to HQ, the green building adjacent to the roundabout.
  • The person/s booking the trade plot will be held solely responsible for the behaviour of any person associated with them. Camping is allowed on your stand but the camping and site regulations must be adhered to. The committee reserve the right to remove traders from the site if their behaviour is not acceptable, or anyone associated with them.
  • Should the event be cancelled due to reasons beyond our control, no refunds will be offered or issued.
  • No vehicles are to be left parked on the showground outside of your allocated pitch space and any vehicles left parked in the showgrounds without permission will be removed without prior warning. The club will not accept liability for any damage or costs incurred due to removal of any unauthorised vehicle.
  • We reserve the right to refuse entry to any person, at any time, for any reason deemed appropriate by us

***If you do not have PL Cover, apply to The National Market Traders Federation, Hampton House, Hawshaw Lane, Hoyland, Barnsley S74 0HA – www. – Tel 01226 749021 – cost from approx. £102 per year. Public Liability Insurance included (conditions apply).

Thanks and have an enjoyable and safe Jamboree.